Trip To Warsaw : Flying to Poland

Fortunately, this year I have a chance to go to Poland, Warsaw, as a representative of Indonesia, in Worldwide Finals Imagine Cup 2010. It takes up to 25 hours to reach there. I, Andru, Tito, Aloy, Ical (Ganesh Team) and together with the Indonesia’s representatives in all category, flew to Poland on Friday, 2 July and arrived at Warsaw on Saturday , 3 July. It was quite a tiring journey but it’s fun. True story. I had some new friends from the other team. And we had to change the plane twice, in Hongkong and London Heathrow.


in Hongkong


at London Heathrow

I’d had to be careful enough with the meal served in the plane, because sometimes they provided English breakfast or meals (that contain pork). Hopefully, in next 6 days I will have great time in Warsaw and Indonesia could do something here.


Indonesia representative (Chandradimuka, SiMantri, Tselina, and Ganesh)

5 thoughts on “Trip To Warsaw : Flying to Poland

    1. dapatnya sudah begitu bul,apa boleh buat…tim2 dari negara asia lain ada yg dapat nya ke jerman baru ke warsaw

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