Trip to Warsaw : Ganesh Team Presentation

After having great opening ceremony and a little bit sightseeing of Warsaw at night,on 4 July 2010,it was the really big day. In the morning, all of team briefed by the committee,about what would really  going on in the next five days. On that day, all of Software Design Team would present their thought, the ideas behind the problem and the approach they took. It was the time where everyone showed their best hard work for the last six months.

Sixty three participants from any country, was divided into 8 groups according to the room of presentation. The schedule was tight, start at 11 am and finished at 9 pm (poland’s time :D). And my team got to present our solution at 5 pm.


The picture above was the moment before we did the presentation. Hell yeah, my costume was sucks, and not matched the others suite,,,,but it was the idea. Our walkthrough demo is consist of 3 different scenarios. I was the traveller guy (that was the hat and the camera)  , Andru as doctor and Ical as government person. We practice 4 times at that day and we’re pretty confident.

We did the presentation. We did the Q & A, which was very difficult regarding the business opportunity of the system. But, I thought we already did the best. One of the judge commented the well-structured of our presentation. Julius (Indonesian ADE) said our presentation was way much better than before. Our hope flied :p.


Oh,i’d like to say our great thanks for Camila Formela, a MSP from Poland who was warmly guide us during the presentation time. What a nice talk. Hope you could go to Bali soon.


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