Trip to Warsaw : The Final & The Result

The World Festival, or we can say that the announcement party was held on July 8 2010. It was held at the Opera House, claimed as the biggest opera place in Eastern Europe. All the finalist have tried their best. And, Indonesia still had representatives, Chandradimuka Team from IT Telkom in Interop Award and SiMantri from UI in Envisioning Award. I learned a lot from all the finalist, their ideas, the solutions, the future plan of the business opportunity of the software. It was great. Inspiring. Sometimes, shocking!!!!

In the end, we could still be proud, because Merah Putih were on the stage. Chandradimuka got 3rd winner of the award, behind Brazil and Jamaica. And they announced that the next year worldwide final will be held in New York, USA.


Here is the complete list of the star of Imagine Cup 2009 (source : :

Software Design

1st Place: Skeek, Thailand
2nd Place: TFZR Team, Serbia
3rd Place: OneBeep, New Zealand

Embedded Development

1st Place: SmarterME, Taiwan
2nd Place: MCPU, Russia
3rd Place: GERAS, France

Game Design

1st Place: By Implication, Philippines
2nd Place: NomNom Productions, Belgium
3rd Place: Gears Studio, France

IT Challenge

1st Place: WeiQiu Wen, China
2nd Place: Miklos Cari Sivila, Bolivia
3rd Place: Zhengbin Hu, Singapore

Digital Media

1st Place: Mirror Vita, Taiwan
2nd Place: Dreaming Spirits, Saudi Arabia
3rd Place: Woolgathering, Singapore

Envisioning 2020 Award

1st Place: Jigga-Dongxi, Taiwan
2nd Place: KOLA, India
3rd Place: Target Locked India

Interoperability Award

1st Place: Xormis, Jamaica
2nd Place: Uptiva Dreams IT, Brazil
3rd Place: Chandradimuka, Indonesia

Next Generation Web Award

1st Place: Wanna Be Alice, Korea
2nd Place: Rhea, Poland
3rd Place: Samba Samba, Brazil

Touch & Tablet Accessibility Award

1st Place: Team Note-Taker, United States
2nd Place: OneView, United States

Windows Phone 7 Rockstar Award

1st Place: Beastware, United States
2nd Place: Tselina, Indonesia
3rd Place: Hypo Team, Malaysia

Internet Explorer 8 Award

1st Place: Rhea, Poland
2nd Place: LittleRitle, Poland
3rd Place: CieszakTeam, Poland

Accelerator: Samba Samba, Brazil
Visual Search: BigTurtle, Russia
Web Slice: Invention Task Force, Poland

Actually, Indonesia still had an achievement, being the 2nd place of Windows Phone 7 Rockstar Award but unfortunately they didn’t mention it at all. Tselina from ITB, brought manga reader software with great UX experience and won the prize. After the World festival, Microsoft has booked one of biggest club in Warsaw for 400 participant Imagine Cup. We had a great night, hanging around, had nice talk before tomorrow farewell. But of course, I didn’t drinking neither eating the pork :p.

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