Jadi Presenticconist #3


Tanggal 31 Januari 2011 yang lalu,mengingat saya memiliki cukup banyak waktu kosong, akhirnya saya coba mendaftarkan diri menjadi Presenticconist dalam gelaran Presenticcon yang ke-3. Presenticcon adalah acara I3M nya KM-ITB, yang mengadopsi konsep Pecha-Kucha, yaitu mempresentasikan tentang sesuatu (ide,project,riset,dll) dalam 20 slide dimana 1 slidenya hanya berlangsung 20 detik.


DSC04036My name is Puja Pramudyha, from HMIF, i will talk about Infodemiology, but it will appear in the next 10 slides










how many people use internet in the past ?











2,08 billion people use internet today, it’s like 30% of total population











amount of keyword entered to search engine. google is in the top with 3billion queries, per month ? Nope, per day










Internet provide data that can be used to measure something that can’t be measured before










Economic condition, based on aggregated queries related to mortgage,job vacancy,etc











It’s happen in UK and US











But, why we should care ? Not everybody care about economy










You should, because this technique can be used to predict disease population,something that you want avoid from











for example in case of flu pandemic











Flu pandemic can be mitigated, if we could detect the apperance of flu virus in early stage











The key is early detection,early warning and early response










That’s where infodemiology come










Because many people go to search engine to find information health, it provide massive data











And the data can be used to track disease population,mapping and etc











Because there’s behavior change in people today, they go to search engine first, before go to health care











so we can use the data and the behavior change as predictive tool to track disease population











it has many advantages, it’s cheap, fast, no boundary











but, it’s not a perfect system, still have drawback that we have to overcome with











may be we can use other type of data, twitter, facebook , i dont know.











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