Windows Phone Workshop @ Institut Teknologi Bandung

At the beginning of October, Himpunan Mahasiswa Informatika (HMIF ITB) together with MSP ITB  held a one day workshop about Windows Phone Development. As one of the alumni, I participated happily in this event as trainer. It is really great go back to campus. The main objective is to give basic knowledge in developing Windows Phone application then to encourage student developing simple yet useful application in windows phone. Windows Phone is a really great platform that students can take leverage their existing skills in C# and Silverlight technology.

I invited Mr Andri Yadi (CEO of Dycode), to open the day with his expertise in Mobile development for 8 years. He explained more about the windows phone platform and the whole ecosystem and the opportunity student can find and take a bite. After great inspiration and insight from him, we continued the workshop until 5 pm, learn the most topics needed  to start windows phone development which are Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight for Windows Phone, Network and Data Access. If one of you,member of university is interested to held workshop like this,feel free to contact me.


I used Girls Generation app as a case study. Girls Generation is girl band from Korea consist of 9 gorgeous girls and got big hit for Indonesian, especially among the students. The skeleton can be used to build any famous band app exist now, feel free to download the samples and use it to produce app you want to build. I Imagine you could create basic app to display Cherrybelle information,SM*AS and so on.

Grab it here :

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