Mission to Mars with Codelabs Unikom

On May 6th , I organized Cross Platform Mobile Development workshop with Codelabs and Microsoft Indonesia. The workshop was held in Bandung City, 2 hours drive from Jakarta – Indonesia Capital City. The topic was Mission to Mars, which taught participants how to start development with Xamarin and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

The workshop was started on 10 am and finished at 4 pm. It was attended by 42 participants. Xamarin.Forms and Microsoft Azure are the main focus and  I was the only trainer at the event. I explained about Xamarin, when to use the technology, which development environment we need and introduction to the Xamarin basic. After lunch, participant was given several task, to complete mobile application development using Xamarin and Cognitive Services.

The application is developed through several stages, called mission. In Mission 1, participant need to deploy bot code to Microsoft Azure. In Mission 2, they modified xamarin-based application, added several C# codes so the app can connect to the bot. In the last mission, participants created chat interface so it can directly talk to the server we deployed to Azure.





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